Wingspan Asia Expansion: Sri Lanka Frogmouth Revealed

New Wingspan Asia Expansion Card Announcement - Sri Lanka Frogmouth

Community member Travis Willse reveals Sri Lanka Frogmouth from the upcoming Wingspan Asia Expansion

Wingspan Asia Sri Lanka Frogmouth

In a surprise reveal, community member Travis Willse showed us the Sri Lanak Frogmouth on Facebook and Discord! Travis has been a prominent member of the Wingspan community from the beginning and is probably best known for his “Frogmouth Fan Pack” as well as many other fan made card designs. He goes by “TawnyFrogmouth” in many places online. Frogmouths are his favorite type of bird. Its no wonder that Stonemaier Games reached out to him and offered the reveal of the Sri Lanka Frogmouth. Here’s what Travis had to say:

Sri Lanka Frogmouth sets some new precedents in Wingspan. Its power lets you roll any die, including one that is in the birdfeeder. This means two things:

  • It helps chip away at a stubborn birdfeeder by getting it closer to a reroll.
  • Dice taken from the birdfeeder stay outside of the birdfeeder, creating more dice for predator powers that specifically roll dice outside the birdfeeder.

This is an interesting spin on predator powers involving dice. As predators in the past have done, if you roll the correct food type, in this case an invertebrate, you can cache one of those from the general supply on this bird. In another interesting twist, all players may discard a card from their hand to gain a worm from the general supply.

This effect would be especially useful to people with an established Wetlands, as they may have a extra cards but not a lot of food, so watch out for that if you’re using this Frogmouth. Conversely, if you’re building out your Forest, you might not be able to rely on this extra effect to the same degree, as you may not have the extra cards to get the extra food.

On its surface, Sri Lanka Frogmouth seems likes its pretty risky to use unless you yourself are prepared to discard a card along with your opponents, for maximum benefit. You have a 33% chance of rolling a worm on any die and it should be noted that even if you fail to roll a worm, all players still get the chance to discard a card for a worm. Like the Oceania Expansion before it, card design might be gravitating more toward interesting community sharing powers. This has the effect of facilitating higher scores across the board and who doesn’t love to see bigger scores?

Shifting focus away from its power, Sri Lanka Frogmouth qualifies for the bonus cards Falconer and Food Web Expert. This bird becomes a six point play for just a single food if you have one of these bonus cards, like many of the cheap predators that have come before it. This gives it very good value in of itself.

I’d rate Sri Lanka Frogmouth as Tier 2 on our Wingspan Bird Card Tier List

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