Wingspan Asia Expansion and Indian Peafowl Announced!

Wingspan Asian Expansion Announcements

Wingspan Expansion 3: Wingspan Asia

On June 29th, 2022, Stonemaier Games revealed that Wingspan Expansion 3 is  Wingspan Asia Expansion. They also revealed Indian Peafowl!

Wingspan Game - Asia Expansion

Let’s have a look at our first Wingspan Asia Expansion bird, the Indian Peafowl:

Wingspan Game - Indian Peafowl Reveal

The Indian Peafowl is an incredibly flexible bird, allowing you to play it into any habitat for a very forgiving food cost. It’s expensive at three total food, but you can’t ask for much more flexibility than this. It has a single wild food in its cost (looking at you, Omnivore Specialist), and the rest is invertebrates and seeds, the most common food types.

Its seven points combined with its three-egg nest is a great value. Usually, birds that are worth more points have smaller nests. It is now the seventh bird worth seven or more points that also has a nest size of three or greater.

This bird is not only an efficient and flexible point bomb, but it also grants card advantage! Dropping a seven-point bird that also gives you three cards is amazing!

We can see they balanced this by allowing all of your opponents to draw two cards as well. This is probably a good thing for game balance. Your initial two cards must be drawn from the deck so it doesn’t have the “scooping power” of the Brant, although it has been clarified that the extra card you draw can be from the bird tray.

Imagine that you have Indian Peafowl and Bonelli’s Eagle in hand. Instead of taking a turn or two to draw the necessary cards to play the Eagle, you could play the Peafowl, draw three cards, then play the Eagle on the next turn. That’s a ponent combination.

I’d rate this bird as Tier 1 on our tier list.

We’re excited to see more bird card reveals for Wingspan Asia Expansion in the coming months. This was just a “teaser,” Jamey will be revealing one new bird card each month in the lead-up to the full official announcement in “early Q4 2022”. I hope Golden Pheasant makes the cut!

Stay tuned to Wingsplain for all Wingspan Asia Expansion news.


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