The first printing run of the Wingspan Nesting box (which includes a copy of Wingspan Asia) has sold out world wide!

On November 2nd, 2022, the first print run of the Wingspan Nesting Box (which includes a copy of Wingspan Asia) was made available for pre-order and sold out in less than 24 hours! Congratulations to Stonemaier Games and Elizabeth Hargrave!

From the Stonemaier Games blog:IMPORTANT: If the first printing of the Nesting Box is sold out in your region, please enter your email on the order page for a back-in-stock notification (early 2023). The reprint will be prepackaged and will not have Wingspan Asia inside the box, so it will be less expensive.”

The Nesting Box on Stonemaier Games Blog

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Wingspan Nesting Box 2nd and 3rd Printing

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Wingspan Nesting Box

Wingspan Nesting Box

Stonemaier Game’s Blog concerning the Nesting Box

Dusty of the YouTube Channel, “The Mill”, gave us a detailed look at the Wingspan Nesting Box which was on display at GenCon 2022. In this video, we see the artwork and subsequent confirmation of the birds Junglefowl (Asia), Keel Billed Toucan (Latin America), North African Ostrich (Africa), and Emperor Penguin (Antarctica). We also see a card divider labeled, “Promos,” heavily implying that we will see promo packs in the future. Promo packs are something that Jamey Stegmaier has already discussed as a possibility.


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