Wingspan Bird Card Tier List – Version 2.5

This is our Wingspan Bird Card Tier List covering all expansions. What’s changed from the previous version? Check out the updates here: Wingspan Bird Card Tier List Update

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God Tier
Tier 0
Tier 1
Tier 2
Underused Tier
Chihuahuan RavenAbbot's BoobyAnna's HummingbirdAmerican AvocetAcorn Woodpecker
Common RavenAtlantic PuffinAmerican CrowAmerican BitternAnhinga
Franklin's GullAudouin's GullAmerican RedstartAmerican CootAmerican Goldfinch
KilldeerBarn SwallowAmerican RobinAsh Throated FlycatcherAmerican Kestrel
Bonelli's EagleBaya WeaverAmerican WoodcockAsian Emerald DoveAmerican Oystercatcher
Eastern Imperial EagleBlack-Headed GullAsian KoelAustralian MagpieAmerican White Pelican
Blue Rock-ThrushAustralian IbisAustralian RavenAustralasian Pipit
BramblingAustralian Reed WarblerBarn SwallowAustralian Owlet Nightjar
Chipping SparrowAzure TitBarrow's GoldeneyeAustralian Shelduck
Common ChiffchaffBaird's SparrowBelted KingfisherAustralian Shoveler
Common YellowthroatBald EagleBlack DrongoAustralian Zebra Finch
Eurasian CootBaltimore OrioleBlack SwanBarn Owl
GalahBell's VireoBlyth's HornbillBarred Owl
Gray CatbirdBlack-Chinned HummingbirdBobolinkBearded Reedling
Great Indian BustardBlack-Crowned Night HeronBrewer's BlackbirdBewick's Wren
Maned DuckBlack-Napped OrioleBroad Winged HawkBlack-Bellied Whistling Duck
Mourning DoveBlack NoddyBronzed CowbirdBlack Billed Magpie
Mute SwanBlack RedstartBrown-Headed CowbirdBlack-Necked Stilt
Noisy MinerBlack-Tailed GodwitBudgerigarBlack Shouldered Kite
Northern MockingbirdBlack TernBullfinchBlack Skimmer
Pied Billed GrebeBlack-Throated DiverCalifornia QuailBlack Stork
Purple MartinBlue-Gray GnatcatcherCanada GooseBlack Vulture
Red AvadavatBluethroatCarolina WrenBlack Woodpecker
Rose-Ringed ParakeetBlue-Winged WarblerCedar WaxwingBlue Grosbeak
Rosy StarlingBushtitChestnut Collared LongspurBlue Jay
Ruddy DuckCarolina ChickadeeCoal TitBrahminy Kite
RuffCarrion CrowCockatielBrant
Scaley-Breasted MuniaCassin's FinchCommon BuzzardBrolga
Snow BuntingCassin's SparrowCommon KingfisherBrown Falcon
Spangled DrongoCerulean WarblerCommon MoorhenBrown Pelican
Spotted DoveClark's GrebeCommon StarlingBrown Shrike
White StorkCommon ChaffinchCommon SwiftBurrowing Owl
White-Throated DipperCommon CuckooCoppersmith BarbetCalifornia Condor
Common GrackleCount Raggi's Bird of ParadiseCanvasback
Common IoraCrested IbisCetti's Warbler
Common MynaCrimson ChatChimney Swift
Common NightingaleDark-Eyed JuncoClark's Nutcracker
Desert WheatearDesert FinchCommon Blackbird
Eastern PhoebeDowny WoodpeckerCommon Goldeneye
Eurasian NutcrackerDunnockCommon Green Magpie
Eurasian SparrowhawkEastern BluebirdCommon Little Bittern
European GoldfinchEastern Screech OwlCommon Loon
Fire-Fronted SerinEurasian Collared-DoveCommon Merganser
Fish CrowEurasian Golden OrioleCommon Nighthawk
Forster's TernEurasian Eagle-OwlCommon Sandpiper
Golden EagleEurasian HobbyCommon Tailorbird
Golden Headed CisticolaEurasian HoopoeCommon Teal
Golden PheasantEurasian KestrelCooper's Hawk
Graceful PrinaEurasian MagpieCorsican Nuthatch
GrandalaEurasian Marsh-HarrierCrested Lark
Grasshopper SparrowEurasian NuthatchCrested Pigeon
Great Blue HeronEuropean RobinDickcissel
Great Crested GrebeGould's FinchDouble Crested Cormorant
Great EgretGray WagtailEastern Kingbird
Great HornbillGreat Spotted WoodpeckerEastern Rosella
Great Horned OwlGreat TitEastern Whipbird
Green PheasantGreater AdjutantElenora's Falcon
Grey TealGreater Prairie-ChickenEmu
Grey WarblerGreater RoadrunnerEurasian Green Woodpecker
Griffon VultureGreen Bee-EaterEurasian Jay
Hooded WarblerGreen HeronEurasian Treecreeper
House CrowGrey-Headed MannikinEurasian Tree Sparrow
House FinchGrey HeronEuropean Bee Eater
Himalayan MonalGreylag GooseEuropean Honey Buzzard
IbisbillHermit ThrushEuropean Roller
Indian PeafowlHooded CrowEuropean Turtle Dove
Indigo BuntingHooded MerganserFerruginous Hawk
KakapoHouse SparrowForest Owlet
Large-Billed CrowHouse WrenGoldcrest
Laughing KookaburraInca DoveGreat Cormorant
Lesser FrigatebirdJuniper TitmouseGreat Crested Flycatcher
Lesser WhitethroatKeaGreater Flamingo
Little Ringed PloverKing RailGreen Pygmy Goose
Magpie LarkLazuli BuntingGrey Butcherbird
MallardLewin's HoneyeaterGrey Shrike-Thrush
Mandarin DuckLittle EgretHawfinch
Many Colored Fruit DoveLittle GrebeHorned Lark
Masked LapwingLittle PenguinHorsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Moltoni's WarblerLittle Pied CormorantHorsfield's Bushlark
Mountain ChickadeeLong Tailed TitIndian Vulture
North Island Brown KiwiMalleefowlKelp Gull
Northern FlickerMississippi KiteKereru
Northern GoshawkMountain BluebirdKorimako
Oriental-Bay OwlNew Holland HoneyeaterLincoln's Sparrow
OspreyNorthern BobwhiteLittle Bustard
Painted WhitestartNorthern CardinalLittle Owl
Peaceful DoveNorthern ShovelerLoggerhead Shrike
Pheasant CoucalOlive-Backed SunbirdMajor Mitchell's Cockatoo
Pileated WoodpeckerOrange Footed ScrubfowlMistletoebird
Prothonotary WarblerOriental Magpie-RobinMontagu's Harrier
Red-Breasted MerganserPainted BuntingMusk Duck
Red-Breasted NuthatchPhilippine EagleNorthern Gannet
Red JunglefowlPlains WandererNorthern Harrier
Red KnotPlumbeous RedstartPacific Black Duck
Red Legged PartridgePrincess Stephanie's AstrapiaParrot Crossbill
Red Winged Black BirdPurple GallinulePeregrine Falcon
Rhinoceros AukletRed Backed FairywrenPesquet's Parrot
RookRed-Cockaded WoodpeckerPine Siskin
Roseate SpoonbillRed-Crowned CranePink Eared Duck
Ruby-Throated HummingbirdRed Eyed VireoPukeko
Ruddy ShelduckRed Headed WoodpeckerPurple Heron
Rufous OwlRed-Wattled LapwingPygmy Nuthatch
Savi's WarblerRed-Winged ParrotRainbow Lorikeet
Scaled QuailRegent BowerbirdRed-Backed Shrike
Scissor-Tailed FlycatcherRing-Billed GullRed-Bellied Woodpecker
Small MinivetRock PigeonRed Capped Robin
SmewRose-Breasted GrosbeakRed Crossbill
Spotted OwlRuby Crowned KingletRed Kite
Spotted SandpiperSacred KingfisherRed-Necked Avocet
Sri Lanka Blue MagpieSandhill CraneRed-Shouldered Hawk
Stubble QuailSarus CraneRed-Tailed Hawk
Trumpeter FinchSavannah SparrowRed-Vented Bulbul
Trumpeter SwanSay's PhoebeRed Wattlebird
TwiteShort Toed TreecreeperRoyal Spoonbill
Violet CuckooSilvereyeRufous Banded Honeyeater
White-Backed WoodpeckerSnowy EgretRufous Night Heron
White-Breasted NuthatchSouthern CassowarySatyr Tragopan
White-Faced IbisSpotted TowheeSnowy Owl
White-Headed DuckSplendid FairywrenSong Sparrow
White-Throated SwiftSprague's PipitSouth Island Robin
White WagtailTawny FrogmouthSpoon-Billed Sandpiper
Whooping CraneTree SwallowSpotless Crake
Wild TurkeyTufted TitmouseSquacco Heron
Willow TitVerditer FlycatcherSri Lanka Frogmouth
Wilson's SnipeViolet-Green SwallowStellar's Jay
Wood DuckWedge Tailed EagleStork-Billed Flycatcher
Wood StorkWestern MeadowlarkSulphur-Crested Cockatoo
WrybillWestern TanagerSuperb Lyrebird
YellowhammerWhite Bellied Sea EagleSwainson's Hawk
White Breasted WoodswallowThekla's Lark
White-Crested LaughingthrushTui
White-Throated KingfisherTurkey Vulture
WilletVaux's Swift
Wilson's Storm PetrelWelcome Swallow
Yellow-Billed CuckooWhite-Browed Tit-Warbler
Yellow-Headed Black BirdWhite-Crowned Sparrow
White Faced Heron
Willie Wagtail
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
Yellow Bittern
Yellow Breasted Chat
Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Zebra Dove

Wingspan Tier List Revision History

Version 1.1
Version 1.2
Version 1.3
Version 2.0
Version 2.1
Version 2.2
Version 2.3
Version 2.4
Version 2.5

Tier List Definitions

God Tier: Traditionally, these cards can facilitate a runaway win on their own (The Power 4). As the metagame evolves and more expansions are released, this tier may have to grow to accommodate cards such as Bonelli’s Eagle and Eastern Imperial Eagle, which facilitate huge point swings without the need for food and can be played off of the free actions granted by birds such as Yellowhammer and the birds like it.

Tier 0: Could be considered “The Best of Tier 1” or “The Bottom of God Tier”. More effective, efficient, and/or game shaping than Tier 1 cards but not necessarily as impactful as God Tier birds.

Tier 1: Effective, efficient, and game shaping cards. These are among the best cards in the game and represent some of the best general qualities and/or powers. These will be the bread and butter of the best games.

Tier 2: Cards that have desirable general qualities and/or powers that can be useful in the right circumstances. These cards could be a key component of a combo or engine and might not otherwise be very effective on their own. Canada Goose is a good example of this type of card.

Underused Tier: These are cards that don’t see play at our table often due to “better” options being available most of the time. Being in this Tier doesn’t necessarily mean that a card is bad. It just means that they may consistently lose out in head-to-head decisions made between one card or another. These end up being prime Tuck/Discard fodder.

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