Wingspan Bird Card Tier List – Version 2.5.1

This is our Wingspan Bird Card Tier List covering all expansions. What’s changed from the previous version? Check out the updates here: Wingspan Bird Card Tier List Update

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God Tier
Tier 0
Tier 1
Tier 2
Underused Tier
Common RavenAbbot's BoobyAmerican CrowAmerican AvocetAcorn Woodpecker
Chihuahuan RavenAtlantic PuffinAmerican RedstartAmerican BitternAmerican Goldfinch
Franklin's GullAudouin's GullAmerican RobinAmerican CootAmerican Kestrel
KilldeerBarn SwallowAmerican WoodcockAsh Throated FlycatcherAmerican Oystercatcher
Bonelli's EagleBaya WeaverAnna's HummingbirdAsian Emerald DoveAmerican White Pelican
Eastern Imperial EagleBlack Headed GullAsian KoelAustralian MagpieAnhinga
Black Throated DiverAustralian IbisBarrow's GoldeneyeAustralasian Pipit
Blue Rock-ThrushAustralian RavenBelted KingfisherAustralasian Shoveler
BramblingAustralian Reed WarblerBlack DrongoAustralian Owlet Nightjar
Chipping SparrowAzure TitBlack SwanAustralian Shelduck
Common ChiffchaffBaird's SparrowBobolinkAustralian Zebra Finch
Common YellowthroatBald EagleBrewer's BlackbirdBarn Owl
Eurasian CootBaltimore OrioleBroad Winged HawkBarred Owl
GalahBell's VireoBronzed CowbirdBearded Reedling
Great Crested GrebeBlack Chinned HummingbirdBrown Headed CowbirdBewick's Wren
Great Indian BustardBlack Crowned Night HeronBudgerigarBlack Bellied Whistling Duck
Mandarin DuckBlack NoddyBullfinchBlack Billed Magpie
Maned DuckBlack RedstartCalifornia QuailBlack Necked Stilt
Mourning DoveBlack Tailed GodwitCanada GooseBlack Shouldered Kite
Mute SwanBlack TernCarolina WrenBlack Skimmer
New Holland HoneyeaterBlack-Naped OrioleCedar WaxwingBlack Stork
Noisy MinerBlue Grey GnatcatcherChestnut Collared LongspurBlack Vulture
North Island Brown KiwiBlue Winged WarblerCoal TitBlack Woodpecker
Pied Billed GrebeBluethroatCockatielBlue Grosbeak
Purple MartinBlyth's HornbillCommon BuzzardBlue Jay
Red AvadavatBushtitCommon GoldeneyeBrahminy Kite
Red Breasted MerganserCarolina ChickadeeCommon KingfisherBrant
Rose Ringed ParakeetCarrion CrowCommon MoorhenBrolga
Rosy StarlingCassin's FinchCommon StarlingBrown Falcon
Ruddy DuckCassin's SparrowCommon SwiftBrown Pelican
Ruddy ShelduckCerulean WarblerCoppersmith BarbetBrown Shrike
RuffClark's GrebeCount Raggi's Bird of ParadiseBurrowing Owl
Scaly-Breasted MuniaCommon ChaffinchCrested IbisCalifornia Condor
Snow BuntingCommon CuckooCrimson ChatCanvasback
Spangled DrongoCommon GrackleDark Eyed JuncoCetti's Warbler
Spotted DoveCommon IoraDesert FinchChimney Swift
Sri Lanka Blue-MagpieCommon MynaDowny WoodpeckerClark's Nutcracker
TwiteCommon NightingaleDunnockCommon Blackbird
White StorkDesert WheatearEastern BluebirdCommon Green Magpie
White Throated DipperEastern PhoebeEastern Screech OwlCommon Little Bittern
Wood DuckEurasian NutcrackerEurasian Collared DoveCommon Loon
Eurasian SparrowhawkEurasian Eagle-OwlCommon Merganser
European GoldfinchEurasian Golden OrioleCommon Nighthawk
Fish CrowEurasian HobbyCommon Sandpiper
Forster's TernEurasian HoopoeCommon Tailorbird
Golden EagleEurasian KestrelCommon Teal
Golden Headed CisticolaEurasian MagpieCooper's Hawk
Golden PheasantEurasian Marsh-HarrierCorsican Nuthatch
Graceful PrinaEurasian NuthatchCrested Lark
GrandalaEuropean RobinCrested Pigeon
Grasshopper SparrowGould's FinchDickcissel
Gray CatbirdGray WagtailDouble Crested Cormorant
Great Blue HeronGreat Spotted WoodpeckerEastern Kingbird
Great EgretGreat TitEastern Rosella
Great HornbillGreater AdjutantEastern Whipbird
Great Horned OwlGreater Prairie ChickenEleonora's Falcon
Greater RoadrunnerGreen Bee-EaterEmu
Green PheasantGreen HeronEurasian Green Woodpecker
Grey TealGrey Headed MannikinEurasian Jay
Grey WarblerGrey HeronEurasian Tree Sparrow
Griffon VultureGreylag GooseEurasian Treecreeper
Himalayan MonalHermit ThrushEuropean Bee Eater
Hooded WarblerHooded CrowEuropean Honey Buzzard
House CrowHooded MerganserEuropean Roller
House FinchHouse WrenEuropean Turtle Dove
House SparrowInca DoveFerruginous Hawk
IbisbillJuniper TitmouseFire-Fronted Serin
Indian PeafowlKeaForest Owlet
Indigo BuntingKing RailGoldcrest
KakapoLazuli BuntingGreat Cormorant
Large-Billed CrowLewin's HoneyeaterGreat Crested Flycatcher
Laughing KookaburraLittle EgretGreater Flamingo
Lesser FrigatebirdLittle GrebeGreen Pygmy Goose
Lesser WhitethroatLittle Pied CormorantGrey Butcherbird
Little PenguinLong Tailed TitGrey Shrikethrush
Little Ringed PloverMalleefowlHawfinch
Magpie LarkMississippi KiteHorned Lark
MallardMoltoni's WarblerHorsfield's Bronze Cuckoo
Many Colored Fruit DoveMountain BluebirdHorsfield's Bushlark
Masked LapwingNorthern BobwhiteIndian Vulture
Mountain ChickadeeNorthern CardinalKelp Gull
Northern FlickerNorthern ShovelerKereru
Northern GoshawkOlive-Backed SunbirdKorimako
Northern MockingbirdOrange Footed ScrubfowlLincoln's Sparrow
Oriental Bay-OwlOriental Magpie-RobinLittle Bustard
OspreyPainted BuntingLittle Owl
Painted WhitestartPhilippine EagleLoggerhead Shrike
Peaceful DovePlains WandererMajor Mitchell's Cockatoo
Pheasant CoucalPlumbeous RedstartMistletoebird
Pileated WoodpeckerPrincess Stephanie's AstrapiaMontagu's Harrier
Prothonotary WarblerPurple GallinuleMusk Duck
Red Breasted NuthatchRed Backed FairywrenNorthern Gannet
Red JunglefowlRed Cockaded WoodpeckerNorthern Harrier
Red KnotRed Eyed VireoPacific Black Duck
Red Legged PartridgeRed Headed WoodpeckerParrot Crossbill
Red Winged Black BirdRed Winged ParrotPeregrine Falcon
Rhinoceros AukletRed-Crowned CranePesquet's Parrot
RookRed-Wattled LapwingPine Siskin
Roseate SpoonbillRegent BowerbirdPink Eared Duck
Ruby Throated HummingbirdRing Billed GullPukeko
Rufous OwlRock PigeonPurple Heron
Savi's WarblerRose Breasted GrosbeakPygmy Nuthatch
Scaled QuailRuby Crowned KingletRainbow Lorikeet
Scissor Tailed FlycatcherSacred KingfisherRed Backed Shrike
SilvereyeSandhill CraneRed Bellied Woodpecker
Small MinivetSarus CraneRed Capped Robin
SmewSavannah SparrowRed Crossbill
Spotted OwlSay's PhoebeRed Kite
Spotted SandpiperShort Toed TreecreeperRed Necked Avocet
Stubble QuailSnowy EgretRed Shouldered Hawk
Trumpeter FinchSouthern CassowaryRed Tailed Hawk
Trumpeter SwanSplendid FairywrenRed Wattlebird
Violet CuckooSpotted TowheeRed-Vented Bulbul
Wedge Tailed EagleSprague's PipitRoyal Spoonbill
White Backed WoodpeckerTawny FrogmouthRufous Banded Honeyeater
White Bellied Sea EagleTree SwallowRufous Night Heron
White Breasted NuthatchTufted TitmouseSatyr Tragopan
White Faced IbisVerditer FlycatcherSnowy Owl
White Throated SwiftViolet Green SwallowSong Sparrow
White-Headed DuckWestern MeadowlarkSouth Island Robin
Whooping CraneWestern TanagerSpoon-Billed Sandpiper
Wild TurkeyWhite Breasted WoodswallowSpotless Crake
Willow TitWhite WagtailSquacco Heron
Wilson's SnipeWhite-Crested LaughingthrushSri Lanka Frogmouth
WoodstorkWhite-Throated KingfisherStellar's Jay
WrybillWilletStork-Billed Kingfisher
Wilson's Storm PetrelSulphur Crested Cockatoo
Yellow Billed CuckooSuperb Lyrebird
Yellow Headed BlackbirdSwainson's Hawk
YellowhammerThekla's Lark
Turkey Vulture
Vaux's Swift
Welcome Swallow
White Crowned Sparrow
White Faced Heron
White-Browed Tit-Warbler
Willie Wagtail
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
Yellow Bittern
Yellow Breasted Chat
Yellow Rumped Warbler
Zebra Dove

Wingspan Tier List Revision History

Version 1.1
Version 1.2
Version 1.3
Version 2.0
Version 2.1
Version 2.2
Version 2.3
Version 2.4
Version 2.5

Version 2.5.1

Tier List Definitions

God Tier: Traditionally, these cards can facilitate a runaway win on their own (The Power 4). As the metagame evolves and more expansions are released, this tier may have to grow to accommodate cards such as Bonelli’s Eagle and Eastern Imperial Eagle, which facilitate huge point swings without the need for food and can be played off of the free actions granted by birds such as Yellowhammer and the birds like it.

Tier 0: Could be considered “The Best of Tier 1” or “The Bottom of God Tier”. More effective, efficient, and/or game shaping than Tier 1 cards but not necessarily as impactful as God Tier birds.

Tier 1: Effective, efficient, and game shaping cards. These are among the best cards in the game and represent some of the best general qualities and/or powers. These will be the bread and butter of the best games.

Tier 2: Cards that have desirable general qualities and/or powers that can be useful in the right circumstances. These cards could be a key component of a combo or engine and might not otherwise be very effective on their own. Canada Goose is a good example of this type of card.

Underused Tier: These are cards that don’t see play at our table often due to “better” options being available most of the time. Being in this Tier doesn’t necessarily mean that a card is bad. It just means that they may consistently lose out in head-to-head decisions made between one card or another. These end up being prime Tuck/Discard fodder.

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  1. sharpChed

    Feels like the common moorhen should be way higher on the list. I’d put it tier 1, since it’s somewhat dependent on getting other decent water birds, and having a decent food supply (since each bird you play with it essentially has its cost increased by 1), but for a couple of the best games I’ve had, the moorhen was super important

    • Hello sharpChed,

      I’m glad you’ve had some good games with the Moorhen. In my personal experience, and in talking with other players in the competitive tournament community, the Moorhen just doesn’t make much of an impact and it doesn’t produce high scoring games. It’s expensive for a three point bird. It does have a great six egg star nest but that alone doesn’t convince people to play it. It can be pretty difficult for a wetland engine to produce the extra food for the Moorhen’s power without also handing some out to your opponents, which is a two edged sword.

  2. Paul Caso

    Would love to see some bird rankings within a specific category/for a specific purpose. Top 7 late game point bombs and why. Best early forest birds. Top pink powers.

  3. NM

    Grey/gray is spelled 2 different ways throughout the list. Was this intentional?

  4. Dalene Mactier

    Thanks for your interesting bloc. Where can I read your criteria for each of the tiers? Also would be helpful to show which pack the birds belong to?

  5. Dalene Mactier

    Curious why Sandhill Crane and Canada Goose are not in the higher tiers? They are good scoring point birds?

    • These birds can certainly be powerhouses when they have the correct support. That support often takes specific cards and specific timing to make a significant impact. It’s been my experience that the more support or micromanagement a bird needs, the less powerful it becomes in practice. The Canada Goose archetype of birds can have high highs and low lows in practice.

      Check out my Canada Goose/Sandhill Crane playlist on YouTube to see these birds in action.

  6. Dalene Mactier

    Wondering about the criteria that you used to organised the bird tiers? I can see the definitions, but would love to read some more detail about criteria?

  7. Kaleb Beelen

    The more I’ve played Oceania (not familiar with Asia birds), the more I’ve found wood duck to be absolutely god-tier and teal powers that lay eggs or play birds to be tier-0.

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