Wingspan Expansion News as of February 1st, 2023

Wingspan Asia Expansion is available now! Wingspan Asia by Stonemaier Games


Stonemaier Games Progress Chart Feb 23

Wingspan Asia 2nd Printing

Wingspan Nesting Box 2nd and 3rd Printing part 2



Digital Wingspan European Expansion / Oceania Expansion

On October 25th, 2022, Monster Couch released the teaser announcement for digital Oceania Expansion.


Wingspan as an Intellectual Property (IP)

Jamey Stegmaier recently wrote in The 5 Year Plan for Stonemaier Games :

“We’ll probably lean more into what works without redundancy. I think the Azul series of games has done a great job of this–each game is unique but also familiar. I’d love to revisit the 1920+ world of Scythe someday with Jakub Rozalski, and Wingspan would be fun to explore in new ways as well with Elizabeth Hargrave.”

This suggests that he is open to working with Elizabeth Hargrave to someday make a new and different game using the Wingspan IP.


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