10 Apiary Strategy Tips

Apiary Strategy Tips - Wingsplain

Apiary Strategy Tips

  1. Playing seed cards can swing the game with powerful effects. Make sure to get a few during your game.
  2. Gaining seed cards from outside the RESEARCH action can result in powerful options while also gaining other resources. Picking up cards from an Explore Token or a Dance can be a powerful addition to a resource gaining EXPLORE or CONVERT action.
  3. Gaining Wax or Honey outside of the CONVERT action will save you a turn and result in a strong swing in action efficiency. Pay attention to effects that let you gain these rare resources.
  4. Don’t forget that only basic resources (water/pollen/fiber) can be placed on explored planets. Neither Wax nor Honey can be played on planets as a part of the explore action.
  5. When one of your workers is bumped off the board, its strength increases by one. Placing your workers in the right place at the right time can have both tactical and strategic benefits.
  6. When you recall your workers, their strengths all increase by one. Knowing when to recall your workers for maximum effect is an important skill to master.
  7. It can be hard to understand who’s winning until you tally the final score. Wins can surprise you, especially if someone plays a lot of seed cards in a short time. Don’t get too complacent if you develop an early lead because your opponents may be able to close the gap very quickly with an explosion of points.
  8. If someone sets up a farm engine that gets large volumes of VP on worker recall, don’t let the game drag on. They will create an insurmountable lead.
  9. With the way Queen’s Favor is scaled, you never want to dabble in it. You want a lot of it to access the better scaling at the end of the track.
  10. The Pathfinder and Deputy Recruit tiles feel especially powerful if built in the early game. Keep your eye out for these tiles and consider building them as soon as possible. They will naturally become less effective the closer you get to the end of the game.

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