Wingspan Expansion 4 News

Wingspan Expansion 4 News

Wingspan Expansion 4: Elizabeth Hargrave Begins a New Chapter

On Wednesday, December 12th, 2023 Stonemaier Games sent out their World of Wingspan newsletter. It stated the following: “Fourth Expansion: Elizabeth is in the early design stages of the fourth expansion. We’ll share information about it later in 2024 or in early 2025 (it’s on track to be a 2025 release).” You can sign up for Stonemaier Games’ Wingspan newsletter HERE.

On Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, Jamey Stegmaier stated during the weekly Facebook live cast that Elizabeth Hargrave has begun work on Wingspan Expansion 4. He also stated that we probably won’t see its release until 2025.

Orders for Wingspan expansions traditionally open up in the month of October, so we have a long wait in front of us. We look forward to a variety of card teases in 2025 like we saw leading up to the release of Wingspan Asia. At the time, this was an experiment that Jamey was conducting, and we hope he was pleased with how things turned out because we want to see more birds!

With Elizabeth Hargrave leading the design, we expect that Wingspan Expansion 4 will continue to offer the thematic richness and engaging gameplay that has been the hallmark of Wingspan.

Wingspan Expansion 4 Progress

On Wednesday, January 4th, 2024, Jamey stated during his weekly livecast that it would be “highly unlikely,” that Wingspan Expansion four would release in 2024. In this livecast he also stated that they would like to produce Wingspan Promo Packs for extinct birds as well as Promo Packs that revisit continents they have already produced expansions for.

Keep Updated

Stay tuned to this page for all the latest updates regarding Wingspan Expansion 4. The wait until 2025 might be long but the shared anticipation and speculation within the community will likely be an exciting lead-up to the release.

Check out our Wingspan Asia coverage, and don’t forget to check out Wingspan at Stonemaier Games!


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