Is the Next Wingspan Expansion Africa?

It is currently unknown what the next Wingspan Expansion will be. There is some community speculation that it will be Latin America.

Pre-Wingspan Asia News (Wingspan Asia became available in November 2022)

No, but there was some community speculation that Wingspan Expansion 3 could have been the African Expansion. On June 29th 2022, Jamey Stegmaier revealed in the July 2022 newsletter and his Facebook Live stream that the next Wingspan Expansion is Asia

On April 1st, 2022, Jamey Stegmaier published a blog post on the Stonemaier Games Blog titled, Silly but Real: April Fools 2022 for Stonemaier Games. Included in the blog post is the related YouTube video, “My Top 10 Favorite Pets in Game Boxes”.

At 11:16 of the video, we see Jamey’s Cat, Walter, standing in the lid for the upcoming Wingspan Nesting Box. We can see an ostrich on the lid and some people speculate that this is a hint from Jamey that Africa will be the focus of the next Wingspan Expansion. There are currently two living species of Ostrich and they both live in Africa.

Wingspan Expansion Africa Next Expansion


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