Wingspan Tournament Gameplay and Commentary: Emerald Tanager Tussle

Wingspan Tournament Wingspan Gameplay

Wingspan Tournament Gameplay and Commentary

Emerald Tanager Tussle

Watch Wingspan gameplay as I participate in the competitive Wingspan Tournament: Emerald Tanager Tussle. This is a 1v1 best of one double elimination tournament played with the Wingspan European Expansion.

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Game #1 vs EpicSaxGuy

In this game, my opponent and I both employ multiple “Play Another Bird” powers. My opponent showcases an early Moltoni’s Warbler and comes close to filling his board.

Game #2 vs Mike316

In this game, I am able to generate a lot of wheat and flex the power of Sandhill Crane.

Game #3 vs Ethmah01

In this game, my opponent and I both get Ravens. Many bonus card birds are played. Who comes out on top?

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