Wingspan Card Poll – Spangled Drongo

Wingspan Card Poll - What do you think about the Spangled Drongo?

Our Spangled Drongo card poll is over, thanks for participating! We had quite the turnout with 138 votes.

The Final Poll Results

Poll Results: What do you think about the Spangled Drongo card?

63% of voters agree that the Spangled Drongo card is great!
(A Strong card! I love playing it! Very useful! It’s not over-the-top.)

18.8% of those Wingspan players said that it’s ok
(Average/Vanilla/Lackluster/Sometimes Useful. I’ll probably tuck or discard it.)

14.5% said it’s overpowered!
(Ban it! It’s too powerful! It wrecks the game! It’s an auto-win for whoever plays it!)

3.6% decided to vote that it’s underpowered!
(Weak/Not worth the cost/Almost never play it/I hate seeing it come up! Tuck it! Discard it!)



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