When does a bird count as double for end of round bonuses in Wingspan?

Currently, there are only three birds that can count as double for end of round goals. Cetti’s Warbler, Graylag Goose, and Eurasian Green Woodpecker. Their teal power gives them this ability at the end of each round.

  • Page 10 of the European Expansion Appendix talks about these birds.

When does a bird count as double for end of round bonuses?

  • If these cards are in your hand at the end of the round, they do not count as double. To gain the effects of a power, the card must have already been played on the board.
  • These birds only count double for round goals that specifically count birds.
  • If a round goal is looking for birds it will have this symbol: End of Round Goal FAQ
  • Joe Aubrey of Stonemaier Games has ruled that these birds do count for the round goals “Beaks Point Right” and “Beaks Point Left”.

Beak Round Goal Counting as Double

Here is the list of Round Goals in which these birds count as double:

  • Birds in Forest
  • Birds in Grasslands
  • Birds in Wetlands
  • Cup Nest Birds With Eggs (Cetti’s Warbler only, since it has a cup nest)
  • Cavity Nest Birds With Eggs (Eurasian Green Woodpecker only, since it has a cavity nest)
  • Ground Nest Birds With Eggs (Greylag Goose only, since it has a ground nest)
  • Platform Nest Birds With Eggs (None; Currently, there aren’t any “double birds” with a platform nest)
  • Total Birds
  • Beak Pointing Left
  • Beak Pointing Right
  • Birds Worth 3 or Less Points (None; Currently, there aren’t any “double birds” that are worth 3 or less points)
  • Birds Worth More Than 4 Points (Greylag Goose only, since it is the only “double bird” worth more than 4 points)
  • Birds in One Row
  • Birds With Tucked Cards
  • Birds With No Eggs

Images of round goals taken from Rule Pop. Red “X’s” added by Wingsplain. X’s indicate that birds do not count as double:

Birds Count As Double Infographic



Birds Played Sideways in Wingspan

Birds that are played sideways do not count as double for end of round goals. They are literally a single bird that fills up two slots on the board. They say nothing about counting as double.

  • Page 10 of the European Expansion Appendix talks about these birds.

When does a sideways bird count as double for end of round bonuses?


  1. “If it qualifies for the goal” is key. I assume that these three doubling birds must be in the habitat that is named in the round end goal to count as 2 birds rather than one. The total is never doubled. Since food and columns are not bird counts then there is no double involved. These doubling birds count as two in end of round goals for total birds. Since these doubling birds are not brown they would not count towards a brown end of round goal. For multiple colors in an habitat the doubling bird would not count as double. For white
    powers the doubling birds would not double. Since there doubling birds can’t have tucked cards there is no double. If thee doubling birds are 4 points they would not double for the >4 or <4 round end goals. These three birds require their beaks to point the same as the round end goal to double as 2 birds.
    This is our understanding of the doubling score powers of these three birds. Do you agree?

    • The bird must be in the appropriate habitat to count as double. If you have 5 birds in your forest and one is the Eurasian Green Woodpecker, you would count as having 6 birds for the appropriate goal. You would not double your total birds in the forest.

      You are correct that food costs, power colors, and columns are not birds and would not count as double.

      You are correct that they count for “Total Birds Played”.

      It is actually possible to get tucked cards under “The Double Birds”. Common Chiffchaff, Common Chaffinch, and Welcome Swallow are just three examples. If “The Double Birds” had tucked cards under them, they would count as the goal is looking for qualifying birds.

      Greylag Goose does count for “Birds worth >4”. This goal is looking for qualifying birds.

      They do not count for beak direction goals as those goals are looking for qualifying beaks, not birds. Although I don’t think anyone would fault you for letting them count double in this case.

  2. Sharon

    Explain Cetti’s Warbler with regard to “filled columns” end round goal. Does the Cetti’s Warbler column have to be filled in order for it to double its own column’s count in the total count of filled columns, or does it double other filled columns even if it’s column is not full?

    • This round goal is looking at columns, not birds. Cetti’s Warbler’s power does not count for this round goal. A quick and easy way to tell if a round counts birds is that it actually has the white bird symbol on it. Such as the “Birds worth more than 4 points” goal.

  3. Maria

    Why don’t they count for beaks pointing left or right?

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