Zero Dice in the Birdfeeder

Any time there are zero dice in the birdfeeder. This reroll occurs immediately as soon as the birdfeeder is empty.

Dice Showing the Same Face

Any time the dice all show the same face and you are about to select a food die from the birdfeeder for any reason.

This is true even if there is only a single die in the birdfeeder.

Split food die faces (Seed/Invertebrate, Nectar/Seed, Nectar/Fruit) count as a unique face.

“Any reason” includes:

  • Bird powers that let you take dice from the birdfeeder.
  • Taking a food die from the birdfeeder as a part of the Gain Food Action.

Official Wingspan Rule Book

Page 7 of the core rule book covers rerolling.

Managing the Birdfeeder Wingspan FAQ








Oceania Expansion: Spending Food to Reset the Birdfeeder

Certain spaces on the Oceania play mat allow you to spend one food to reset the birdfeeder. The actions on these spaces need to be followed in order, as defined on page 3 of the OE rule book.

Here is the order of events and what your options are:

a. Decide to take the Gain Food Action and place your action cube on the appropriate space.

b. If you’re using the Oceania Expansion mats and you’re placing your cube on the 2nd or 4th space, you have the option of spending one food to reroll the birdfeeder.

Wingspan Oceania Expansion - Rerolling the Birdfeeder




c. You are now going to select a food die. At this point, if all of the dice show the same face, you may reroll the birdfeeder (yes, for the 2nd time; this is a special action that is allowed once per action cube placement). This is covered on page 7 of the core rules. Select your 1st food die, remove it from the birdfeeder, and claim the appropriate food token from the general supply.

d. Continue selecting food dice as allowed by the space you activated.

e. For each die selection, if you haven’t done so already, you may reroll the birdfeeder any time the dice all show the same face.





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