How Does Great Cormorant Get Fish In Wingspan Asia?

How to Get Fish with the Great Cormorant - Wingspan Asia FAQ

How Does Great Cormorant Get Fish?

Great Cormorant Bird Card - Wingspan Asia

Great Cormorant is a bird card that has caused a lot of confusion with the release of the standalone Wingspan game, Wingspan Asia. The key to answering this frequently asked question is understanding how each part of this bird’s power works. Let’s break down these three sentences:

1. You may move one fish from this bird to your supply.

Right off the bat, this is the sentence that causes all the confusion. Great Cormorant starts with zero fish. So if you activate Great Cormorant’s power and it has zero fish cached on it, you do not get to move one to your supply.

2. Then, roll any two dice.

This literally means, any two dice, regardless if they are in the birdfeeder or not. All dice rolled with this power will be placed outside of the birdfeeder when you are finished rolling. Choosing any dice is an interesting new game mechanic that was added in Wingspan Asia.

3. If any [FISH] are rolled, cache one [FISH] on this bird from the supply.

As we can see, Great Cormorant is capable of caching fish on itself through its own power. It cannot have fish on it until it succeeds on this dice-rolling part of its power. This means that you’ll end up ignoring the first sentence until you’ve actually rolled some fish!

Note: it is possible that another bird’s power could add fish to Great Cormorant. Birds such as Eurasian Magpie could use its teal power at the end of the round to cache fish on the Great Cormorant. This is a cool Wingspan Combo, so make sure to keep your eye out for these types of unique card interactions!

We hope this detailed breakdown helped you answer the question, “how does Great Cormorant get fish?” Be sure to check out our FAQ Page for more answers to frequently asked questions in Wingspan. You can also check out Wingspan Asia at Stonemaier Games.


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